4 Simple Web Design Tips You Want To Know About

There are many web design tips out there, and if you run a website or planning on starting one, then knowing what some of these tips are can be useful. In this article, we will cover a few tips. With that said, continue to read on for some simple web design tips you should keep in mind.

1. Create A Professional Logo- All too often website owners do not create a professional looking logo. They tend to just throw together any old logo and use it only on their homepage. Ideally, you want to have a professional looking logo and you want to gave it on every single page on your site. The reason you want to do this is because people from the search engines may stumble across one of your webpages, other than your homepage, and by seeing your logo they will have a good impression right away.

2. Get Rid Of Visual Clutter- People love photos, videos and info-graphics, but you want to be careful to not have too many visuals on your website, because it can actually work against you. Get rid of any clutter on your site, such as too many videos, images and things of that nature. If your site doesn’t have that much clutter on it, then your visitors will be more impressed with your site and they will likely stick around for longer periods of time. As a website owner, you want to keep visitors on your site for as long as possible because this will increase your chances of making conversions, sales and other benefits.

3. Don’t Overdo It With Colors- All too often, website owners go crazy with colors on their site. It is best to stay as basic as possible because if you overdo it with colors and you have many colors on your site, it can be distracting to visitors. As a rule of thumb, stick with 2-4 colors for your site, such as one color for all your headlines, one color for your main background and maybe one color for the background images of your articles.

4. Choose Fonts That Are Easy To Read- Don’t make the mistake of using over-the-top fonts because they may not look that good on mobile devices or even desktops. Large fonts may look perfectly fine on laptops and computers, but they may look absolutely horrible on various mobile devices. Generally speaking, choose a basic font type, one that many people are familiar with and don’t go any larger than 11PT. The last thing you want to do is to send visitors running in the other direction because they cannot read your content due to the fonts you have chosen, as well as the size of the fonts.

These web design tips were brought to you by Digity Marketing who are a web design agency based in Wokingham. You may think these tips can’t make a difference, but you will be surprised at just how much of a difference they can make. If you implement the above web design tips, then you will be doing yourself a big favor.