Marketing Strategy

The strategy for marketing online is a little different than conventional marketing. Tracking is much easier online and results come in much faster than for say direct mail which can often take weeks to arrive. In the online space the strategy of lead acquisition is arguably easier than in the offline world because of the numbers you can access and the speed of delivery.

With Google and Facebook alone you can access hundreds and thousands of potential customers to your business but to do the same offline you’d need a rather large investment in TV or radio advertising to hit the same numbers. You can also track responses in real time online much easier than you can in the offline world. There are fantastic analytics programmes online than can show you clicks and conversions in real time which is virtually impossible to do with direct mail or print advertising.

Online marketing strategy should be all about using the speed and accuracy of web tools to target and then conveniently track your advertising campaigns with the intention of maximising your Return on Investment (ROI) for your company.