What Is Voice Over Internet Protocol And How Does It Work?

If you are in the search for an affordable alternative for voice communications for your business, then you are going to be impressed with the advent of VOIP systems. Voice Over Internet Protocol is basically a means of communicating through the internet in a way not so different from the way convectional telephone works. The difference, obviously is that instead of using a phone connected to a copper made phone line, the system will run on a computer. But, how does a VOIP really work? It this article, we shall be answering this question.

Well, the manner in which this system works is pretty simple. All the user needs to do is install a VOIP program on the computer, this can be set up by any web company. You will be surprised to discover that most of these programs are free and can be downloaded easily on the internet. Almost all instant messaging programs come with VOIP capability and so, if you already have a IM, you probably have a VOIP ready to go. To utilize such a system, all you need to do is plug in a headset with a microphone to the computer. Headsets are pretty cheap nowadays and can be found in almost any electronic device shop, or even online for roughly under 20 dollars.

When you speak into the headset plugged into the computer, the voice is converted into an analog signal which is then converted to a digital one so that is can be transferred over the internet. The signal is then received by the other user and since the signal is in digital format, it should be clear with no loss in quality. Most individuals will use a IM to VOIP setup. For instance, two individuals will voice chat through an Instant Messaging program. However, it is also also possible to integrate cell phones and landlines into the voice over internet protocol system. So, that is how a VOIP works and as you can see, it is pretty simple.

When you are exploring how this system works, it is imperative to know that VOIP systems will work with any type of connection. For instance, if you are using a dial up system, you should be able to make VOIP calls. The problem with such systems however, is that the audio quality might be lower, disconnections might happen and might be more regular than new systems. Ideally, the VOIP system may freeze causing inconvenience especially for a company that depends on calls for sales. As such, it is better to use latest systems with fast connections such as cable internet or DSL high speed connections. With such convenience at an affordable price, why not employ VOIP?